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Nowadays, blockchain is ubiquitous. This technology, which can change the rules of the human game, quickly became a global hot spot once it started. In terms of hardware, blockchain mobile phones are like a mouth-watering cake, and mobile devices are about to set off another wave. revolution.

What can blockchain phones do

Originally, the mobile phone only had the communication function, but later added the function of listening to music, and the music mobile phone was born. What the mobile phone can do has become the main focus of the device, just like the camera phone focuses on taking pictures, and the beauty mobile phone focuses on beautification, and the blockchain What can a mobile phone do? A simple analysis of the introduction of the blockchain mobile phones that have been announced or have been launched.

HTC launched the flagship smartphone “EXODUS 1” combined with blockchain. This blockchain phone has its own cryptocurrency wallet “Zion”. -721 tokens. EXODUS 1 has a built-in Secure Enclave independent of the Android system, which uses technology manufactured by SoftBank’s Arm Holdings to ensure the security of customers’ encrypted currencies. EXODUS 1 will use everyone’s mobile device as a node to support encrypted currency transactions between users, creating the world’s first decentralized and privacy-focused mobile phone to expand the blockchain ecosystem.

And HTC is not the only company developing blockchain smartphones. The start-up company Sirin Labs plans to launch a blockchain phone called Finney, but Lenovo, Candy, Foxconn, etc. have also released blockchain phone products .

The Finney blockchain mobile phone launched by Sirin Labs has a built-in cold wallet, which can purchase and trade the SIRIN Token issued by itself. It adopts the SIRIN OS system based on Android customization, has a decentralized application center Dapp Center, and uses a triple verification mechanism to protect security (Biometric, Lock Pattern, Behavioral).

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The four pertinent features of Finney that attract many blockchain insiders are: (1) Embedded cold storage wallet; (2) Comprehensive, multi-layered cybersecurity suite; (3) Token Conversion Service (TCS); (4) Multi-blockchain decentralized application (DApp) store.

Regarding the Lenovo S5 mobile phone, although the official said it used blockchain technology, the report also claimed to have created the first dual-domain isolation and global encryption security space “Z Space”, which innovatively solved the industry problem of payment security. 17 patents escorted the entire world Scenario payment, no dead-end protection, fully guarantees the security of user accounts, passwords and online shopping, and supports the latest blockchain technology from the bottom, but search the official website and official stores of platforms such as JD. Its blockchain elements were not found. Perhaps, as netizens said, the blockchain phone of Lenovo S5 is just a gimmick. ​

Changhong’s R8 Kirin mobile phone is a brand of cooperation between and Xia Ke Smart Microphone. It is the first mobile phone equipped with Unicorn blockchain specially developed for Unicorn. This mobile phone is based on the POW (Proof of work) consensus algorithm, device fingerprint technology, and LBS location service, allowing users to participate in the blockchain with a lower threshold, enabling the mobile trust network to have more and more dispersed nodes, and contributing to the mobile ecosystem. The large-scale application of the chain provides the basis. However, according to media reports, Xiake Smartphone is a micro-marketing company that has nothing to do with the blockchain, and there is almost no public research and reports related to Unicorn, and this phone seems to be still in the news reports.

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The blockchain mobile phone launched by Candy Mobile is named “Genesis Edition Blockchain Mobile Phone”. You can earn points regularly through operations, and points can be exchanged for goods or services, such as mobile phone cases, fan meetings, etc., and 1,800 points will be given away when you buy a phone; storage space mining will be supported in the later stage, which is similar to Filecoin hard disk mining.

Are Blockchain Phones Safe?

The blockchain is a distributed accounting technology, which is not afraid of files being copied and destroyed, and the data cannot be tampered with. If the mobile phone hardware is combined with the blockchain, then the security of the mobile phone is the key. The blockchain mobile phone is also ambiguous in this regard. But in terms of the security of the blockchain, the security issues of mobile payment will be much reduced, just as Foxconn once said that the blockchain mobile phone can resist network attacks and unauthorized access.

Can blockchain phones mine?

At present, the blockchain mobile phones released on the market do not actually have the function of mining. Mining requires a lot of power and computing power. With the current capabilities of mobile phones, it is difficult to support even the daily battery life, let alone support mining. This high energy consumption behavior. And the mining function mentioned by these blockchain mobile phones is actually to help users mine points, and it is the points of the platform. It is impossible to do real mining.

Every user has a unique digital identity

The meaning of the blockchain mobile phone is that when you have your own private key, you have your own digital identity and control your own data. The real blockchain mobile phone should be on the chain, displaying information such as registration, transaction and use that cannot be tampered with. The mobile phone itself has become a person’s wallet and ID, and will become a more important number in the Internet of Things and AI era in the future. ID card. The establishment of digital ID may allow people to better manage various smart hardware in the future, and adapt to the digital survival of smart homes, smart communities, smart schools, smart finance, smart retail, smart transportation, and smart cities. Even if the mobile phone is lost, it can be automatically implanted into the new mobile phone through the unique blockchain ID, thereby avoiding the risk of important data loss.

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Does the blockchain mobile phone allow users to create value, can it break the traditional way of thinking about mobile phones, or have more breakthrough functions besides mining? Let us wait and see!

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