What Does Public Chain Currency Mean? What Are The Specific Public Chain Coins?

Since the outbreak of blockchain in 2018, public chain projects have developed rapidly, and the competition of public chain projects has also become fierce. Now that there are more and more public chain projects, it is inevitable that everyone will be dazzled.

Public chain: it is a public chain, anyone can play on the chain. It is completely decentralized, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Consortium chain: only open to specific organization teams, between public chain and private chain, semi-centralized.

Private chain: a fully centralized project, only open to individuals or entities, with limited participating nodes, such as chain token .

The most promising is the public chain project. Once this project is successful, it will have a subversive landing. If you want to seize the blockchain, you must invest in some public chain projects in 2018. This may be the last chance to get on the bus.

The underlying public chain projects worth holding for a long time are:

Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum Eth, EOS Grapefruit, NEO (former Ant), Quantum QTUM, Auntie AE, Ethereum Classic, etc., Only Chain VEN, A Chain ACT, ADA Coin, ICX, BTM, ASHI Coin XAS, ZIL, etc. . immeasurable value

ETH: Like BTC, it currently has the highest application value and is a hard currency

EOS: The most promising project in the public chain, the goal is to surpass ETH in the future

neo: Known as the domestic Ethereum, the only domestic thousand times currency in 2017

XAS: It is said that the technology is very powerful

ELA: Known as the first OS of the blockchain

ZIL: The King of Fragmentation Technology 

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There are also many public chain projects. Due to space limitations, only the projects with high awareness are listed here, and we will dig deeper in the future.Can all public chain coins be invested?

of course not. Now the concept of the public chain project is very good. Whether you can invest depends on your own research and follow-up, such as researching the white paper of the project, understanding the team behind the scenes, whether the project is doing something seriously, and so on.

Any project may be a dark horse in the future. Of course, you also need to allocate 433 assets according to your own funds. Funds should not be too dispersed, nor too concentrated.

Just like the mobile phone system, there used to be Blackberry, Symbian, Windows phone and so on. Now only Android and IOS are left.

There are so many public chain projects now, but very few of them succeed in the end. Some people are optimistic about EOS, some are optimistic about AE, and some are optimistic about BTM. Everyone has a different understanding and cognition of the project, leading to different choices. Whether they can become a dark horse of the public chain in the future depends on the team behind the project.

Investment is an investor, just like investing in Grapefruit EOS is investing in BM. This investment is longer than the original chain of BTM. Before investing, you must have a good understanding of the project, otherwise you will not be able to withstand the ups and downs in the middle. Only by believing can we persevere!

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There are many new leeks who claim to have made several times their money from the news, are still complacent, and are in the vortex of risks without knowing it. They may only understand the importance of value coins when they go bankrupt.

Insider information in the currency circle to make money is still in its infancy. 99% of the tokens issued on the market are air tokens, and there may not be a single line of code. The dealer may make you a small profit, just like when you go to a casino, it is natural for you to make a big bet, and in the end you will spit out all the principal and interest.

If you think you can run before the risk comes, you are naive. You underestimated the banker and overestimated yourself. Since I can’t convince you, let the market educate you. People who blindly enter the currency circle will not know that they are leeks if they do not pay hundreds of thousands of IQ taxes.

The premise of making money by speculating in coins is value investing. At present, it is a good direction to choose promising super value coins. Just like investing in stocks, choose a potential stock and hold it for a long time. Such a simple method, 99% of people can’t do it.

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