What is DECENT (DCT)

DCT, a token issued by the decent platform, is used to publish and purchase original digital content of individuals or organizations on the decent platform. The token also acts as a protective barrier against spam and rewards seed workers/miners (publishers). DCT is not only a digital currency, but also a network fuel and software tool.

Decent is an open source decentralized content publishing platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure network security. It is a distributed automatic operation mechanism based on blockchain technology, free from any third-party interference. It is an independent Web 3.0 publishing platform for creative individuals, authors, bloggers, publishers and their fans. The platform can break through national borders and share any text, picture, video or music content.

The total amount of tokens will be issued according to the ICO results. The decent ICO in September will generate 70% of the total DCT, and part of the pre-excavation allocation is as follows:

The decen tico foundation retains 10%; the investment fund retains 2%; 1 million DCT is used to pay for the decent incentive plan; 3 million DCT is used for marketing before ICO payment; the remaining 30% is generated through mining incentives.

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Puneet Kantiwal

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