What is IPFS? What is the origin of IPFS?

As we all know, since the development of blockchain technology, many projects have been successfully carried out, and have effectively affected the Internet of Things, cross-border payment and other fields. Now, what is the most concerned blockchain project? Bitcoin or Ethereum? In fact, it is not, it is IPFS. So, what exactly is IPFS? What is its origin? Below, let’s take a look.

What is IPFS?

IPFS, full name Inter-Planetary File System (Inter-Planetary File System), is a global, peer-to-peer distributed version file system. When a customer uses IPFS to upload a file, the system will decompose and copy the file, and then distribute the file fragments to multiple different blocks around the world to generate storage nodes. At the same time, these documents can be encrypted by the system to generate a value, which is called a hash value. When customers want to obtain data, they will download the data from the nearest storage node according to the hash value of the data itself, so the speed will be very fast and the efficiency will gradually be greatly improved.

The IPFS system also has a fault-tolerant mechanism. When the customer uploads the data, the system will automatically store multiple copies in the node. The data between these copies is completely consistent. When the data of a certain storage node fails, resulting in data loss or damage, the system can automatically restore the original files based on other node copies, which greatly improves the security of data storage.

Advantages of IPFS technology:

Low cost: reduce network bandwidth storage costs by about 70%;

Efficiency: decentralization, multi-node access to download data, greatly improving efficiency;

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Security: distributed storage, data security, anti-hacking, DDOS attack, etc.;

Persistence: Apply multi-node storage, fault-tolerant mechanism to avoid content loss.

What is the origin of IPFS?

IPFS originated from a new open source project, and slowly evolved from Contract Lab in 2014 with the assistance of open source projects. Originally designed by Juan Benet, its original intention was to create a more secure, efficient, and open network environment based on the design. From its official website, we can know that this is an open source system organization. In the hearts of these outstanding team members, Internet technology is an important technology in our development, and they are dedicated to the storage, positioning and transmission of information.

In order to facilitate the search for technical improvements and a stronger user experience, technicians have never forgotten their true identity as an open source system organization, just like the slogan on its official website “every line of our numbers is an open source system, and an open source system creates technological innovation”. At present, the success of each IPFS project is unlikely to rely on only one person, and they can also be used in contract laboratories. The success of the IPFS project is also closely related to the organization of open source systems. There are many leaders here. He dedicated his extraordinary vision to the world, so as to obtain the promotion of new projects. Every new project investment has the shadow of the leader of the open source system. These lovely people have promoted the development of the global IPFS project.

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At present, Contract Lab has five new projects, which are: IPFS, which is the installation file of Interstellar Empire; Filecoin, which is the incentive layer of IPFS, and customers can make profits in this Internet; Libp2p, which brings together various transmission and Point-to-point contracts enable developers to easily build large and medium-sized, powerful P2P networks; IPLD, a distributed architecture Internet database management, which connects data information based on data encryption hash algorithms to quickly complete data transmission and connection; Multiformats, is a defense system It is the fusion of contracts and individual profile types that enable systems to cooperate and optimize each other.

IPFS projects cooperate with each other and are independent of each other, but IPFS is a well-deserved leader, but it has always been inseparable from the application of new IPLD projects. And Filecoin is more like the little brother of this type of project. These types of projects are all striving for a more secure, efficient, and open Internet. If it is used for preliminary work and whether investment can be obtained as an indicator for considering the application value of new projects, then IPFS has advantages that it does not have.

Speaking of this, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of what is IPFS and its origin. In general, IPFS is a disruptive technological change. In the era of web3.0, it will build a brand new distributed network. With the IPFS incentive layer Filecoin going online on October 15, 2020, IPFS The distributed storage structure will play a role in more scenarios, and the future prospects are immeasurable.

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