Why Is There IPFS? What Is The Difference Between IPFS And HTTP?

Earlier, the editor has introduced to you what is IPFS and its origin, so some people will ask, why is there IPFS? How is it different from HTTP? Below, let’s take a look.

Why is there IPFS?

The purpose of the IPFS protocol is to replace the traditional Internet protocol HTTP.

Today’s Internet is based on the HTTP protocol, but with the continuous development of the Internet, the HTTP protocol has gradually shown some fatigue, and its shortcomings are gradually emerging and magnified.

The advanced mining machine in the ipfs industry We think: The fundamental problem of HTTP lies in centralization

Because the HTTP protocol must download files from a centralized server every time, it is limited by comprehensive constraints such as time, page views, startup speed, etc., and there will always be practical problems of slow speed and low efficiency.

If it is downloaded in the form of P2P, P2P divides the file into small blocks and distributes them to multiple servers. We download simultaneously through multiple servers, which is equivalent to transporting a batch of goods from multiple ways with the same bandwidth and time. The goods can reach the destination faster.

Web documents cannot be stored for a long time

Due to the emergence of the central server, the storage cost of http is very huge, resulting in a short average life cycle of its pages, and many files will be deleted frequently and cannot be saved.

IPFS provides a historical retrospective function for files. Through this function, we can easily view the historical versions of files, so that data can be stored for a long time.

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The existence of centralization prevents the further development of the web

Distributed IPFS can overcome these traditional defects of the web, because of the existence of centralization, various network control methods can affect and threaten the function of the Internet.

What is the difference between IPFS and HTTP?

1. From the perspective of cost, the operation of HTTP centralized server usually requires high maintenance and operation costs. As long as the centralized database is attacked by DDOS or damaged by force majeure, all its data will be lost; compared to HTTP Generally speaking, IPFS can greatly reduce the storage cost of the server, and at the same time, the bandwidth cost of the server can also be controlled.

2. From the perspective of efficiency, HTTP relies on a centralized service system, the server is easily shut down, the files on the server are easily deleted, and the server must be started for 24 hours before it can operate; while IPFS is a P2P network topology, the entire All computers in the network domain can be used as storage nodes, and the nearby distributed storage greatly improves network efficiency.

3. Security: HTTP is centralized, and all traffic is directly loaded on the centralized server. The load-bearing pressure is extremely high, and it is easy to cause a crash. HTTP is also vulnerable to DDOS attacks; the storage method of IPFS is decentralized block Distributed storage, hackers cannot attack, documents are not easy to lose, and security is guaranteed.

4. A large part of HTTP user network access is not localized, and there is network delay: the higher level of IPFS promotes faster network access speed, localized network access, and the experience will be significantly improved.

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Speaking of this, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of why there is IPFS and how it is different from HTTP. In general, IPFS promotes the upgrading of the Web level. When publishing a message, everyone can publish it, and it is not mandatory to only allow the publishing agency to publish it. Users can trust the content of the data, and whether the information is approved or not depends on the sender. , is irrelevant. Another feature is that some secret files with a long time will not be lost. At a minimum, it acts as a global, mountable, versioned file system and namespace, or turned into a next-generation file sharing system.

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